born : : 1976   Dubuque, Iowa
resides : : Dallas, TX

2012        Platform Gallery, drogue, Seattle, WA
                 McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Coincident Distruption, Dallas, TX
2011        Suyama Space, In theater, Seattle, WA (catalogue)
2010        Platform Gallery, Look out, Seattle, WA
2008        Platform Gallery, prospect fields, Seattle, WA
2007        Art Agents, hover, Hamburg, Germany
                 gallery4culture, landing, Seattle, WA
2006        Hedreen Gallery, Seattle University, intricate matter, Seattle, WA
                 Kolva/Sullivan Gallery, small expanse, Spokane, WA
2001        Archie Bray Foundation, taunt fellowship exhibition, Helena, MT

2012        Southwestern College Gallery, Big & Bright, Cula Vista, CA
2011        Ro2 Gallery, Import, Dallas, TX
                 Eastfield College, Temporary Occupants, Mesquite, TX
2010        Brazos Gallery, Modular, Richland College, Dallas, TX
2009        Art Cologne, Open Space, Cologne, Germany
2008        Archer Gallery, flat/form, Vancouver, WA
2007        Kunsthaus Hamburg, Fish and Ships, Hamburg, Germany
                 VOLTAshow03, outdoor|sculpture projects, Basel, Switzerland
                 SAM Gallery, Here and Now, Seattle, WA
2006        Platform Gallery, Unnatural Presence, Seattle, WA
                  Ash Street Project Space, Sensibility, Portland, OR
2005        SOIL, Abstraction Obstruction, Seattle, WA
2004        Kolva/Sullivan Gallery, Past Residents, Spokane, WA
2001        SOFA exposition, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
                 Myrna Loy Center for the Performing Arts, Basement, Helena, MT
                 Trish Higgins Fine Art, Six Degrees, Wichita, KS
2000        Baltimore Clayworks, Clay on the Cusp, Baltimore, MD
                 Whitefish Gallery, Bray Show, Whitefish, MT
                  Arapahoe Community College, Archie Bray and the Colorado Connection, Denver, CO
                 Chester Springs Studio, Conestoga Ceramics: A Continuing Tradition, Chester Springs, PA
1999        Wayne Art Center, Craft Forms 99, Wayne, PA 
                  Silvermine Guild Arts Center, USA Craft Today, New Canaan, CT
                  Hill Country Arts Foundation, Origins in Clay, Ingram, TX 
                  Vermont Clay Studio, Emerging Artists of the U.S., Waterbury Center, VT

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2011        Vulcan Real Estate, Seattle, WA
2009        King County Medical Examiner’s Office, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA

Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT
City of Seattle, Seattle, WA
Eastfield College, Mesquite, TX
Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA
King County Art Collection, King County, WA
Progressive Corporation, Cleveland, OH
Vulcan Real Estate, Seattle, WA

2008        Individual Projects Grant, 4culture, King County, WA
                 CityArtist Project Grant, City of Seattle, Seattle, WA
                 Grant for Artist Projects (GAP), Artist Trust, Seattle, WA
2004        Kottler/Noritake Scholarship, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
2001        Taunt Fellowship, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT
1999        Regina Brown Fellowship, National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts

Now based in Dallas, Eric Eley was born in 1976. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, and
his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Washington in Seattle. Between degrees, Eric spent two years as an artist-in-residence
at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT, sponsored by the Taunt Fellowship.

Eric’s work is represented by Platform Gallery, Seatlel where his most recent solo exhibition ,drogue, was shown in September 2012. He has developed site-specific installations for The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas and Suyama Space, Seattle along with mountng solo exhibitions at Art Agents Gallery in Hamburg, Germany, Gallery4Culture, and the Hedreen Gallery at the Lee Center for the Arts, both in Seattle. Eric’s work has been included in group shows in the Kunsthaus Hamburg, Germany, Outdoor Sculpture Projects at Volta03 in Basel, Switzerland, and Open Space at Art Cologne in Cologne, Germany. He recently completed his first permanent outdoor sculpture.